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- good of artificial skin material than leather of price also
- fired big late of when will in inside mixed miscellaneous
- of a with import Guan Lai put liquid import mold in the
- waterproof breathable cotton gloves should be selected
- General shoes nike mid blazer womens compared

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 good of artificial skin material than leather of price also Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

stable effect. Insole: main component for the polyurethane and has a special reinforcement system, compression material and anti-slip fabric. Together with the vent-hole design and application of deodorant antibacterial technology to provide shock absorption, wicking, breathable at the same time, you can eliminate the breeding ground for odor. PU in the late MD in the late (blue for bent slot) Ann with cushion and TPU of basketball big late basketball big late (in the has bent slot) feet bow parts of TPU bearing tray Hou Palm cushion  nike free run 5.0 running shoes (white real for high sent bubble shock material) tell true sneakers, most of shoes friends were first are will thought, see shoes tongue Hou of barcode and shoes of number, shoes box, or observation shoes subtle of at of some small LOGO are and common of authentic shoes right of Shang,, with this method to tell General of fake shoes may

 will works, But to a very fine imitation of shoes, these methods also cannot see the flaws of fake shoes, because some fake plants really sick, they have huge amounts of money, and the strength of the Division and developer, the purpose is to 1:1And that kind of shoes do exactly like, so it's a built-in cushion they could finish full of fake shoes to go inside, all of the above can do to get the bar code, the number of shoes, shoe boxes, and small LOGO-like subtlety is not just easier?! Friends that some shoes that ask, cannot tell that Kai is not it? Imitation of the still leaky like fake shoes, only that we don't just look at the surface of what the LOGO is usually where such, shoes and sometimes a special LOGO, the shoe is not  nike free run 3 womens running shoes the same, you could say he is fake?! So that's what I'm going to like everyone says how to tell real shoe or a shoe. Fake shoes with of material

certainly will and really shoes vary, this is is key of, because really shoes is sold of your except he to do himself of brand advertising and development costs zhiwai, shoes itself with of material also does is your, this point fake shoes is absolute does not according to imitation of, General fake shoes of development personnel will find to and really shoes by with material texture and property same of, but grade is poor many of material, to acts as a imitation do really shoes of material. (1) uppers material: NIKE in basket sneakers Shang General will with artificial skin, shoes Shang General are is with Super fiber PU, although are not leather but they by containing of fiber density than leather to high, toughness and breathable sex than leather also better, also easily deformation, so good of artificial skin material than leather of price also to your also better, General

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 fired big late of when will in inside mixed miscellaneous Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

simulation shoes on does not with fine of artificial skin or Super fiber PU to do shoes, tell method is see material of gloss degrees, material compared has gloss degrees of is really shoes, also has is with hand squeeze by, Or feeling it stretch uppers of leather is very resilient, and flexibility. (2) uppers of some process, as eagerly, trace shot out etc, really shoes with of material certainly are is TPU, and fake shoes most are is with of PVC, this both outside type aspects is same of, but TPU of material cost high soft degrees and material of stretch sex is good, PVC  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens is not such, this material no what elastic, soft degrees also bad, winter wear also easy occurred fracture. (3) shoes in the late: although in in the late overall of outside type aspects simulation shoes and really shoes of outside type almost is folks, but in shoes in the late of material Shang also is will has gap, in in the late of material

Shang although are is EVA II times sent bubble material (is we often said of PHYLON), but by burn out of in the late of hard soft holiday shoes and really shoes certainly is not as of, really shoes of PHYLON with finger by, will feels soft hardness moderate is has elastic, with nails forced of by, Press done, PHYLON naturally went back to the status before doesn't, no nails left in mind for a long time, shoes, fake shoes, PHYLON is not up to that level. (4) Shoes big late: Although big late with of are is rubber material, in shoes big late of material Shang nike free run is can see really shoes and fake shoes of difference of, really shoes in fired big late of when will in inside mixed miscellaneous some chemical material, recycling material, or is carbon elements, such do of purposes is can makes shoes more of wear, anti-sliding sex more of outstanding. And fake shoes in fired big late of when on does

 not considered to these, so fake shoes of big late anti-sliding and wear of degree will far of poor Yu really shoes, in gloss degrees Shang fake shoes of big late than really shoes of big late color to shiny, and again told everyone a small tips is heard voice, wear really shoes in plastic to or floor Shang with forefoot Palm friction ground, will has very loud simply of "squeaking" of voice, and fake shoes in general situation Xia absolute does not has this voice. (5) soles of function Shang: in here I to like everyone said of is carbon fiber tablets, and TPU support tablets of problem, in buy NIKE of some tip products of when, most shoes friends will see shoes of carbon fiber tablets to determines shoes is is fake, this method at a glance on can see shoes of true, because carbon fiber tablets of cost does is high so fake shoes is does not with Shang carbon fiber tablets of, only will find

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 of a with import Guan Lai put liquid import mold in the Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

some and carbon fiber tablets similar like material to using, this certainly on will makes true at a glance. Again for said TPU support tablets, although cost also not low but now basic big-name of sneakers Shang will appeared, simulation shoes certainly also will according to single full copy, actually tell TPU is has trick of, a is see it of color, fake shoes of TPU color to than really shoes of color sent dirt, and is not translucent, in texture Shang also to than really shoes of TPU to soft some. II.Really shoes and fake shoes in shoes of shoes type, and air jordan 6 retro uk some lines of to Shang is has difference of due to do really shoes and do price shoes of, version Division is different of, development personnel is different of, so shoes with of last head and by opened of version certainly also on and really shoes is different of, so with really shoes of shoes type and fake shoes of shoes type

compared to on certainly is has differences of, and in shoes of some lines to Shang due to version Division by opened of version different really shoes and fake shoes also will has many different points. III.Shoes in some of the details on the difference between true and false are also very much. (1) the midsole of the shoe (PHYLON), we can look at their shoes in the end there will be a few out on the dot, although the point is small but revolves around a ring, found at the end of a few of them. These points are doing it, why there are these?! Because in  air jordan 4 retro uk the late is to in mold in burn out type to of, in burn zhiqian EVA is into liquid-like of, so will first put these liquid of EVA import mold in, to in mold in burn out type to, put these liquid EVA import mold of method is to through is fine of a with import Guan Lai put liquid import mold in the, catheter more fine forming Hou of in the

late Shang by left of that small convex points on more small, so development personnel absolute is hopes that small points more small more good, to not effects shoes in the late of beautiful, But we didn't want to make it smaller it can be small, it requires factory level maneuver, make fake shoe factories are generally not up to this level, so leave shoes out in a small point on a PHYLON midsole, it must be better than really small protruding spots on the shoes, PHYLON midsole are significantly more. (2) the upper wire: big shoe such as NIKE's stitching very stringent requirements, the prescribed length of the needle should be averaged and jumper situation cannot arise, fake shoes work requirement would be impossible to achieve such a stringent level. (3) Is shoes forming process in the of of posted late, shoes are is first put surface are car good Hou in sets Shang last head to

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 waterproof breathable cotton gloves should be selected Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

EU clothing how to mix? Assault suit collocation method Guinness-hardshell outer usually in terms of snow, rain, or when autumn and winter wear, you rarely wear it in the summer. Summer wear speed dry clothes or moisture-wicking tPension such clothing. Mesosphere-fleece pants, is a warm layer. Now on the market is also where you can wear outside, fleece pants, but the style is not a lot. Layer-moisture-wicking thermal underwear. On the market there are many warm moisture-wicking materials clothing as underwear. Short-term outdoor travel clothing   air jordan 3 retro uk reference spring and autumn-spring and autumn days and nights of temperatures, especially mountainous, clothing should be adapted to this characteristic. Optional weatherproof jacket, sweater and underwear sets (thermal moisture-wicking material). Autumn dew is heavy, waterproof hiking shoes to be elected. During the cooler spring and autumn can add a fleece jacket, a dust-proof umbrellas to the jungle the jungle hat, a pair of warm gloves. Summer-summer weather is hot. Speaking from sweat-absorbent

breathable, cotton products better than man-made fitting better wearing comfort, optional jungle pants cotton shirts, body (the legs can be removed). Speaking from sweat drying, chemical fiber is better than cotton. Shoes optional summer hiking boots with good ventilation, a super-thin material for waterproof raincoat, a double jacket for weather-proof. Winter-in order to cut down on travel trouble, winter selected fleece underwear. Most convertible down underwear air jordan 1 retro uk on when it's cold, you may also use single layer waterproof pants with a velvet-lined ski pants. Must not forget is to choose a pair of warm and good hiking shoes. -Optional head warm plush suede hooded, hand warm waterproof breathable cotton gloves should be selected, cold-blooded people can add a warm vest. Whatever the season, outdoor gear are indispensable. Travel to cotton socks best, optional winter

posted late of, so posted late is shoes forming in of last together processes, due to to big-name processing of, factory posted late workers level and factory of level are is high, so posted finished late of shoes mostly compared neatly, glue does not climbing to uppers Shang many, let people see has is comfortable, if appeared has soles posted of not flat, or glue climbed to uppers Shang this situation, big-name usually is does not test qualified of, General on will playing Shang b products, Sold to their employees. Crocodile shoes, due to not doing their own brand, so put together what will be out by the end of sale. (4) there is the shoe color, fake shoes often color is not right, and because fake shoe developers who want to go to different places fits to shoe-like material and staining. Will certainly cause and true shoe color differences, so color is a good way to distinguish between true and false.

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 General shoes nike mid blazer womens compared Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 wool blend socks, and carryover from person to person, love the foot sweat should prepare a feet for extended periods in a humid environment. Assault suit three-in-one triple charge what the triple assault suit advantage clothing also known as 2Sets charge clothing, gilet jacket worn with the liner worn alone, and can be worn together, it is called three-in-one assault suit. Main function against wind and snow-proof, waterproof, waterproof and warm. Three-in-one  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk advantage of being able to deal with a wide range of environments in the wild. EU clothing depending on the climate and altitude are of different thickness, winter assault suit thick, remove the liner can be worn in spring and autumn. Fleece lightweight, warm and soft, easy compression well. soles wear out. anti-slide. light. purchase the soles non-slip Strip clear. There are glue-free defects. striation

spacing is uniform. colors are the same of the sole of the same material. see if there are no pores or blistering. Last check within late. within late with hand touch to soft. has must elastic printing of trademark to clear. again see each rubber bonded parts. see whether has appeared small glue points. bubble. put two only shoes put ground compared. check each parts color. pattern. high late. length. width whether consistent. II, and Board shoes: it from play skateboard of people wear of shoes, so also called skateboard shoes. Board heel General shoes nike mid blazer womens compared, different of place is: it almost are is flat late of, So that your feet completely flat on the Board. and has shockproof function. There is a strengthening on its side, parts for your shoes, some brands of shoes for wear broken shoelace holes. Method of identification of leather and leatherette (a), how to identify real leather,

imitation leather: (a) without modification of identification to the pores of the leather as the main methods: 1.Leather and leather of identification: cattle fur hole broken small, and fine round, and close uniform and is not rules of "stars" arrangement, pores into not deep and straight insert leather; water leather rough, pores than cattle leather deep and coarse, and rare, leather mass more relaxation, than cattle leather full; Sheepskin pores more, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands also many, so leather surface special soft, feel soft warm, fastness lower, and pores small is Oblate shaped, arranged uniform as fish squamous. Pig fur sparse hole, deep and thick, more oblique in leather, three-hole in a pile was Word distribution. Rough and rugged leather surface. Horses-similar to the oxhide, but there is a difference, horse skin pores are elliptical, slightly larger pores than cow hide,

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